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Copper World company laboratory is considered as a specialized copper laboratory in Iran. This laboratory with the most advanced inspection and quality assessment tools such as Optical Emission Spectrometer, oxygen Analyzes and etc… monitors the final product for compliance with international standards. The laboratory has a quality control standard ISO 9001: 2008 and ISO17025: 2008 as a laboratory reference and willing to provide expertise in copper is exposed to various institutions and companies.Quantometre analysis is based on a program of high-purity copper from the (High Pure) Enterprise Software and can measure concentrations as low as a thousand (PPm) analyzer system and the ability to identify twenty contingent element in copper has a very high-value on work. Measurement of oxygen element analysis using specific devices manufactured by Leco oxygen with absorption method of IR has the lowest error and highest accuracy.According to the Standard Sample calibration device made in Germany in copper world lab has the least error results.Method of measuring the thickness of oxide copper rod through coulometer or Electrolyze with accurate Atgosterm is a specific and special test. Please note that doing such a test due to limited testing of these associated devices, it has a very high value that can be done in this lab.This laboratory also perform a layer of tin on copper electrolysis method with micron accuracy using a specific device with is one of the most specific tests of its kind. Measuring and testing the cohesion of tin coating on copper wire Standard is an expertise procedure and is not considered as a universal testing.
List of experiments can be done in the copper world: 
1. Quantometer (copper base metal) copper purity
2. Quantometer (copper base) with sample preparation
3. Defining oxygen percentage
4. Tensile test
5. Measuring the resistance unit of wire and rod
6. Measuring the thickness of copper oxide layer on copper rod
7. Measuring the thickness of tin layer on the copper wire
8. Torsion test 10 x 10 copper rod and error analysis
9. Torsion test unit failure of copper rod
10. Continuity test of tin on copper wire
11. Adhesion test of tin on copper wire
12. Amount of carbon and sulphur



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