Quality assurance

Quality begins in the mind..

This maxim accompanies our thinking and guides the things we do. A certificate issued by DAR Accreditation demonstrates that Copper World Co employs a comprehensive quality management system encompassing all of its business processes, as defined in DAS EN ISO 9001:2015. It proves that we execute and fulfil our customers’ requirements faultlessly and at a consistent level of quality, all the way from the enquiry stage to the finished product. What the certificate does not mention, however, are our dedicated employees. But we will gladly testify to their expertise and precision at any time. Copper World products are expertly manufactured in compliance with ASTM and BSEN standards, as well as the regulations and standards of European and North American countries – and individual specifications.

The testing this involves can be considerable. For sure, lots of it is mandatory. But our quality standards go far beyond that. Extreme thermal stresses, the most adverse weather conditions, Copper World products often have to prove themselves under extremes. In the long term that can only be the result of testing materials to the limits, relentless analysis and meticulous quality control. At Copper World, we utilize high-quality testing equipment at every stage: in production, in the chemical lab, in mechanical materials testing, in metallography and in metal physics. Our closed production cycle – which begins in the foundry, progressing to the laboratory, further processing, and on to product-tailored packaging – provides our control system with 100% traceability.

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